Fishing Tours on Sakhalin Island
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My Fishing Alloy

This river is called Langra, it flows it the northwestpart of Sakhalin Island and flows into the sea directly opposite the mouth of the Amur River. The main thing that in this river lives lenok! He's my goal this time!  

  My fishing on the Langra River took place in the early days of October. For those places it is already late autumn.

  For the fishing I was prepared thoroughly, the backpack was packed with boxes with baits, spare coils, cords and stuff. The host party was responsible for domestic issues.

   In the first day of rafting I caught the biggest lenok and later in the evening our group ate this fish in its raw form.
In the morning the rafting resumed. We quietly swam downstream and checking out all the places worthy of attention. Particular attention was paid to the logs lying in the water along the riverbed; in such places you can find lenokwith an absolute guarantee.

   Also there were many grayling and kunja. By the evening the hands were so tired, because we were not ready for such a quantity of fish.

   Tomorrow is the last day of our rafting, but the feeling of saturation with fishing has already come, so we decided that the next day we devote to experiments, rather than chasing the quantity.