Fishing Tours on Sakhalin Island
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Features of summer fishing in Sakhalin

 As if the creator himself subtly hints at the special fish richness of the far land, hidden from the inhabitants of the big earth by the seas, bays and the ocean. 

The expression "huge fish" is not a bit of an exaggeration, but an accurate statement of fact!

  For many, the word "island” involuntarily associated with a piece of land, a quiet beach and the opportunity to walk from one end to the other or leisurely go round it on a moped for a short time… not this time!
Sakhalin, with its length of a thousand kilometers, its cities, forests, mountains and hills, will not only change your imagination, but will give rise to doubt that you are on the island. Just imagine that to get from the capital of the island of the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to the so-called "capital of oil workers" in the city of Okha, located in the north, it will take ten hours by train or eight hours by car. At the same time, the landscape of the terrain outside the train window changes with unimaginable speed as you go deeper - yesterday you could swim in the bay in the south of the island, today you can admire the wild vegetation of the giant mountains in its middle part, and the next morning to meet the dawn in the severe forest-tundra paying tribute to the asceticism and brutality of this unusual area. 
   Not only nature changes its character and outlines, but also numerous water reservoirs of the mysterious island. The warm bays of the South, the cold air of the Sea of Okhotsk, the cleanest lakes, crystal clear sea lagoons on the west coast, the most beautiful mountain streams of the taiga rivers in the north of Sakhalin – this is the island of contrasts. Here, each person will find his beauty, his peace of mind, his nature. But if you know what spinning or fishing line in firsthand, then you must come here, because Sakhalin is a real paradise, a Klondike and an Eldorado for both experienced lovers and anyone who wants to "get sick" with this hobby, turning the hobby into a way of life. 
   From the end of May to November, dynamic sea fishing awaits you, with typical prey - different types of flounder, sea bass, and codfish. There is a chance to compete with a real Far Eastern trophy – Japanese puffer and even catch the heat-loving Japanese amberjack. It is equally interesting to "hunt" for kunja and Sakhalin taimen on the bays of the island. If you are a fan of the mainland fish, you will be able to catch grayling, lenok and pike in rivers and lakes. But the main object of fishing is, of course, a passing salmon. Rivers can literally boil from the number of spawning chum salmon and pink salmon. And of course, the main interest for the fishermen is the most delicious masu salmon and coho salmon - the kings of the mountainous Sakhalin Rivers. But you always need to be ready to bite the local "Emperor" - the Sakhalin taimen. The picturesque nature will not leave indifferent and will give forces for new fishing feats.