Fishing Tours on Sakhalin Island
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Features of winter fishing in Sakhalin

Enjoy the fascinating views or visit the fabulously beautiful places, the cleanest mountain air in a frosty morning, or two-meter drifts straight in the center of the city... winter Sakhalin is something, its beauty can not be shown, but you can only see it. For the sake of all this, adventurers, travelers, lovers of extreme winter sports and fans of the ski resort "GornyVozduh" come to the island capital every day. But a special caste among lovers of winter recreation, are fans of ice fishing.
Sunrise, morning breathe, the crunch of snow under your feet and the roar of a snowmobile is not just entertainment, it's a whole philosophy!!!
Numerous rivers and lakes are rich in such traditional fish as kunja, char, redfine dace and the owner of the local reservoirs Sakhalin -taimen(only on condition catch and release).
Themouths of large rivers and lagoon-type lakes are rich in such marine creatures as navaga, herring, flounder and burbot.
But the most coveted and hazardous gambling has always been rightly considered to be fishing in the bays, namely the underwater fishing of the rainbow smelt. The smell of cucumbers (the smell of freshly smelt), fascinating way of fishing and the main thing is to get rid of everyday bustle and worries, forever turning you into a fan of winter fishing. And the taste of sea fish caught in ice water and cooked on frying pan directly on the ice will surprise and whet the appetite of even the most refined gourmet, and from any bad weather you can always take shelter in a warm tent with a real wood stove. The dried smelt is a real Sakhalin delicacy, which is especially appreciated in the capital markets.