Fishing Tours on Sakhalin Island
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a unique underwater world MORE THAN 20 SPECIES OF FISH

Coho Salmon
Coho Salmon up to 9 kg
Taimen up to 30 kg
Masu Salmon
Masu Salmon up to 5 kg
Keta Salmon
Keta Salmon up to 8 kg
Pink Salmon
Pink Salmon up to 5 kg
Redfin dace
Redfin dace up to 1.5 kg
Char up to 1,5 kg
Rainbow Smelt
Rainbow Smelt up to 300 gr
Kunja up to 10 kg

5 reasons to choose Sakhalin Best Fishing

1 - Fishing Paradise
  Sakhalin is a real paradise for lovers of fishing and eco-tourism

2 - Historical heritage
The mixture of culture of three distinct peoples – Japanese, Korean and Russians, explains the special history of Sakhalin. Only on Sakhalin you can see the beautifully preserved palace of the Japanese Emperor right in the center of the city, taste traditional Korean dishes, walk the paths of Russian writer Anton Chekhov who visited Sakhalin in the late 19th century, see the transformation of the most severe tsarist katorga into one of the most beautiful cities in the Far East.

3-Sea delicacies
 Experts say that Sakhalin sea delicacies are some of the best in the world! Oysters, octopus, squid, sea urchin, trepang, crab, shrimp, scallop, mussels and whelks – the variety of sea gifts of the Japanese and Okhotsk seas surrounding the island will satisfy the requirements of the most refined gourmet.

4-Ski resort
“Gorny vozdukh” is an international resort with a convenient location right in the city

5 - Unique Island
Sakhalin Island has a magical and incredibly beautiful summer and winter nature.


More than 15 types of offers Choose your tour

Alloys along the Sakhalin rivers
Fishing El Dorado
Fishing SAFARI
individually designed route
Explore the Island

Sakhalin riversfishing alloys

  • up to 20 people in the group
  • from 5 days
  • in any weather
starter pack 400 US$
This is a rich program for true lovers of the fishing and leisure activities on the river full of valuable fish species in the edges of the pristine nature.

FishingSakhalin's Eldorado

  • till 16 people in one group
  • 3-10 days
  • in any weather
starter pack 385 US$

Escape from daily workdays, enjoy the silence of hard-to-reach places and the beauty of Sakhalin nature, get an abundance of impressions, all this is waiting for you in the remote and picturesque landscapes of the island of fish.


  • from 2 people
  • from 5 days
  • in any weather
starter pack 333 US$
If your soul wants unforgettable adventure and the heart inexorably asks for romance, then travel to the most beautiful and rich corners of Sakhalin, this is just exactly what you need!

"Tikhaya Bay" - a journey to the North of the Island

  • till 20 people
  • 6-10 Hrs
  • in good weather
starter pack 150 US$

Northwest of Sakhalin Island is a must see place. During this trip we will pass 160 km along an asphalt road leading to the northern part of the island.

The fairytale Cape "Velican"

  • from 2 people
  • 1 day
  • in good weather
starter pack 100 US$

Since 1990 Cape Velican is a monument of nature of regional importance. The words are meaningless to describe such an amazing place. It is necessary to see it and feel it by yourself.

WELCOME to the Treasure Island Sakhalin, Russia!

““Welcome Sakhalin”” provides all necessary items for recreation and fishing. Each tour is fully equipped, we have all you need for a tour: clothes, fishing gear, transportation (ATVs, jeeps, helicopters, snowmobiles).

Each tour includes all you need:

  • Fishing gears
  • Fishing rods
  • TransportGround and water
  • Accommodationfrom tent to hotel
  • Entertainmentany type

A picture is worth Than a thousand words

Sakhalin Island the most wonderful place in the world to visit

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