Fishing Tours on Sakhalin Island
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Sea fishing is something unpredictable. It is difficult to say with absolute accuracy what exactly you will catch from the depths of the sea with your tackle.
   For example: I came to catch a blue perch, but instead the place was full of navaga, when I wanted to catch flounder it is turned out that warm current brought pollock with it.

   This time, I sailed off anticipating the next surprises. I stood at the stone ridge so that the drift dragged me along it and dropped the fishing lure in the water, waited for it to sink to the bottom, then lifted by half a meter and methodically toss it with wide strokes.   The wait for the bite did not last long, and at the next stroke the fishing lure was stopped by something strong and intractable. I was ready for this.

   The first fish was a blue perch, then it's time to drop anchor until the drift carried me past. Blue perch never stands alone and as soon as the boat anchored it was immediately confirmed.

   At first the fish pecked strictly at the bottom and the specimens weighed 500-600 grams, but with each subsequent capture the fish went up higher and began to weight more. All ended with the fact that the perches were beating the fishing lure directly under the boat. Such fishing quickly become bored with its predictability and I went to look for new impressions.

   I decided to find a sandy bottom and catch flounder. The desired sand at the bottom was found quickly, but the flounder itself was found only on the third set.