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Ski resort "Gorny Vozduh"

Back in the distant 2011, the St. Petersburg Economic Forum recognized it as the best ski resort in the Far East, and since then the complex has developed at a truly fast pace.

From the city to the top of the Bolshevik mountain, on which the ski slopes are located, you can reach by new gondola-chairlift, which is 2337 meters long. It comfortably delivers skiers and snowboarders to the middle or upper platform (601 m high). The eight-seat gondolas move at a speed of 6 m/s. The lift operates all year and allows guests to admire the panorama of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and its surroundings, regardless of the ski season. There are also two draglifts, on the western and southern slopes, and two baby-lifts.

 More than 15000 m in total make up 10 ski slopes of different degrees of complexity: 4 light (green and blue), 4 complex (red) and 2 especially complex (black). The longest tracks "Serpentine" and "Southwestern serpentine" have a length of 3100 and 4200 m and elevations of 305 and 415 m, respectively. For the children's winter holiday, the "Children's hill" trail is constructed at the lower station, 150 m in length, 50 m in width and 10 m in height. Below the central station of the cable car there is a snowboard park with a height difference of 50 m, a width of up to 90 m and a length in 450 m. In this park there are shells (rails, pipes, logs) for jibbing - extreme snowboarding. 

The most modern new German lifts (booths are open and closed), an artificial system, snowing, magnificent views of the tops of snow-covered hills, two observation platforms with beautiful panoramic views of the city, cozy cafes at all levels of the rise will not leave indifferent even the most spoiled winter-type connoisseur recreation. At night, the trails are well illuminated. Even in the summer, when the snow melt the journey to the top of "Gorny Vozdukh" an excellent solution to get away from the city bustle, look at the city from a height and just be alone with nature. 

Thanks to the snowy Sakhalin winter, the ski season in the "Gorny Vozdukh" lasts five months - from early December to April. The average temperature in the winter months is -5 to -15 ° C, and in March-April about -1 ° C. Ski slopes are regularly patrolled by competent, trained rescuers. In the STK "Gorny Vozdukh" there are 12 rescuers who are timely retrained and trained on the basis of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation and the SOS clinic (rendering PMP according to international standards). The popularity of the ski complex in the season of 2018 is growing by leaps and bounds. The other day the press service of the complex reported on the record of attendance - on January 2,2018 4800‬ people rested there, on January 4 the record was broken: 5000 people attended “Gorny Vozdukh".

With increasing popularity of the complex, the geography of visitors is also growing. Now, in addition to Vladivostok and Khabarovsk residents of Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Tver, Tula, Veliky Novgorod, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Gelendzhik, Murmansk, Kharkov, Kazan, Lugansk, Magadan, as well as foreign tourists from around the world. Sakhalin Island is beautiful! Its nature is unique, the air is clean, the rivers and forests are amazing, and the ski resort "Gorny Vozdukh" is an adornment of the island capital and must be visited!